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Norman Oetker Christian Missionary Serving Now In Reynosa Mexico English Class


  Northwest Thailand’s Jungle Border regions with Myanmar (Burma.)

Nrman Oetker Christian Missionary

I’ve made a decision in the past couple months to go ahead and express my ideals in regards to a whole host of differing topics.

There are things that need to be said, I have something to say and I believe it is important, and sadly, for the most part it’s true.

I have stated my opinion about the False Protestants that say that they are Christians.

As I have written at length on the different aspects of these topics at my website

I want to give two brief examples:

1.) Doing mission work in Thailand in 2000, I was impressed by the Spirit of the Lord, to help in some way to the Burmese that were living in or on Thailand’s border with Myanmar (Burma.)

Upon visiting a Burmese Christian, who attended the weekly church service in my mission home, as I was visiting with him, another Burmese Christian arrived. This man was the Christian leader in the Burmese refugee camp with it’s three thousand refugees on the border. He had a dream and in this dream he saw that God was bringing Him a Bible teacher for the camp’s Bible School that they had started. When he saw me and heard of the desire the Lord had put in my heart, he then shared his dream with us.

Thus the work in this camp for me began, going for two days a week.

I was the only missionary going there to this mountain jungle area.

In Mae Hongson province in North Thailand, I had the mailing list of the other Christian Mission’s with in this small province, there were sixty four, upon writing to the majority in regards to working in the camp, there were none to answer and none to go except myself.

2.) 2010 in Reynosa Mexico, population around one million four hundred thousand, there is a Christian church on every corner and of every different Protestant denomination. I had attended two, for a year at each one asking the Mexican Christians to accompany me in ministry work to the people in Reynosa, and the prison also.

Then during a three year period of the fifty or so different Protestants, that I had talked with none step forward, and it was the same question that I would ask all and that was to go into the neighborhood around their churches, not one came forward, of the thousands of Christians in Reynosa, I’m the only one going into the Mexican Prison located here with it’s three thousand inmates of men and women, doing Ministry work.

I’ve have heard every excuse imaginable during the past thirty five years as a missionary.

There are few that are taking the cross of Christ daily in their lives.

Those who profess Christianity are the “LUKEWARM”

As I have stated in the former, that is “SAD!”

For God expressly states, He will cast the Lukewarm away from Him!

Norman Oetker Christian Missionary Serving Now In Reynosa Mexico.


Protestant False Church Norman Oetker, Christian Missionary serving now in Reynosa Mexico, L.A.M. “The Light Amidst the Mong” Christian Outreach, Global Ministries, Thailand, Mexico.


February 2010 Norman Oetker, Christian Missionary serving now in Reynosa Mexico, L.A.M. "The Light Amidst the Mong" Christian Outreach, Global Ministries, Thailand, Mexico.

The scoffers that didn’t believe in Jesus’s day, are present in this day.

As the Jews took the words of the Law and the Prophets, these two, that spoke directly through the preceding generations of the coming of Jesus.

They the Jews, had turned these prophetic words into a legalistic, man made religion, full of the pride of man, and was repulsed by Jesus as he walked in the midst of the Jewish hypocrisy.

It was the same Jews that heard Peter preach after the Crucifixion of Christ, it was these Jews who at first heard and had hope given to them, these Jews returned then to Rome as we read in the Christian Bible in the book of Acts chapter two verse eleven, it was these returning Jews, that brought corruptions, and took of the known evils of the world and henceforth in the years that followed lead a corrupted religious movement, that had incorporated all of the known world’s evil and superstitious belief’s under one religion named the roman catholic.

Their styled, hypocrite religion was copied and modeled, and to eventually be patterned into the Anglican religion, their acceptance of each other was mutual, with each setting aside the foundation that Christ and the apostles began.

So today, as in the majority of protestant churches, who are just as similar as any other false religions of today, there are false Pentecostals, and Baptist and ALL others, that have within each, created a religion and belief system. They have created a religion, that each faithfully ascribe too under the cloak of the Christian Bible, similar to Catholics and Anglicans, and the majority of of other known false religions of the world.

They have all used the words of the Christian Bible to pattern their own individual beliefs, their own theologies.

The ideal that somehow YOU, the people of this world, have some sort of right to believe in any or nothing, that somehow it’s your right as a human, this is simply Sin’s lies.

To the professed Christians, to All that reject, and the rejection is in the not doing what Christ and the apostles state in the Christian Bible, YOU that are the lukewarm, you the openly rebellious, that know Christian doctrine, you are hell-bound, for your disobedience to bible truth’s.

That would be the greater majority of Protestants.

And those leading these false groups within the Protestant, Pentecostal, Baptist and all others including the Catholic, that would be the Pastors, the Elders, the church boards, the popes and cardinals, the leaders of these false groups are headed to perdition, for their just reward  BUT, BUT, IF, IF, IF they stop, repent, repent of their wordly secret life styles that they seek, along with it’s wealth, control and power over others. They can, with a rependant heart and change of lifestyles and doctrines that where created by man, created by theologians and return to the teachings of Christ, and the Apostles and Evangelists, as recorded in the Christian Bible. 


The statement that all one needs is to believe in Jesus, and that one is automatically a Christian, is false. The devils and sinners believe in Jesus.

The Christian Bible in the book of Matthew the seventh chapter, verse twenty one, states.

"Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.

Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name,(Pentecostals,charismatics) cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’

And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’

"Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock:

and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it did not fall, for it was founded on the rock.

"But everyone who hears these sayings of Mine, and does not do them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand:

and the rain descended, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house; and it fell. And great was its fall."

The book of Matthew the tenth chapter of the Christian Bible

"Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.

But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.

For I have come to ‘set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law’;

and ‘a man’s enemies will be those of his [own] household.’

He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.

And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me.

"Therefore whoever confesses Me before men, him I will also confess before My Father who is in heaven.


Norman Oetker, Christian Missionary serving now in Reynosa Mexico, L.A.M. "The Light Amidst the Mong" Christian Outreach, Global Ministries, Thailand, Mexico.

Norman Oetker, “Those Going To Hell”, Part Two, L.A.M. Christian Outreach, Global Ministries, Thailand, Mexico, English Class’s







  Conclusion, to the Mexicanos of Mexico, if you continue to reject JESUS, as YOUR personal Lord and Saviour.


If you haven’t asked Jesus! into your life and heart? if,


YOU haven’t repentant (to stop, to turn from) of your sins.


If YOU, continue to not believe, and read, and Obey the Christian Bible,


As the rule of faith, for your life, your refusal, to not allow the Holy Spirit of God,


To work within your life, you, Mexiconos, as well as all others, are lost,


And by you willful act of rebellion to God,


By your continual rejection of being Born Again! by the Holy Spirit Of God!


This, your continual rejection, of Jesus as Lord of your life, YOU! will go to hell!


To the gringos (Americans) in Mexico and Estados Unidos (U.S.and the World)


You that have lived a life unto your self’s for years!


Your reward is not your pension, or retirement’s pleasure that you have now.


Your destiny is hell!


Year upon year, you have worked for you and yours.


Occasionally, helping this one, or that one, thinking you are that good moral person.


Your weekly church attendance, in you luke warm denomination.


That has reinforced the ideal that you are OK and going to heaven.


Going there, to receive your heavenly reward. that have denied Christ! in your daily lives, you, that say you are a Christian…


You have denied Christ, How?


By your stubborn refusal to NOT pick up the




The denial is what this world offers, what this world says, about how to safeguard your


future, your denial, to pick up the Cross of Christ, the Cross of Self Denial!


To denied this world, and all that it offers!


In not subjugating yourself, to the Lordship of "JESUS!"


To His writings in the Christian Bible, especially the New Covenant/Testament.


To the Christian Bible, no other, no Theologian, no Evangelist, no, none other!


Only the words of Christ, and the Apostles, and Evangelists.


You who have lived, and, or living your life, for yourselves,


For your family, for your grandchildren, you are going to Hell, why?


Your rejection, to the picking up of the daily Cross of Christ, the Cross of self denial.


The Cross of Christ, the self denial isn’t some bad relationship your enduring now.


It’s not some crippling disease, though, that is a terrific endurance.


Self denial isn’t being forced to live in a corrupt country.


These are not the self denial’s, that the Bible speaks of.


The Cross of Self denial is to obey Christ, in doing His Command that is to all Christians.


The great “Commission Call” by Jesus, is to all His followers to those then in His day, and to those who are to follow, until His second return to earth, that means to all! of those who now say they are Christians.













To those in retirement, the fruitless lives of the past, are that which will be judged by Christ, and Christ alone.


You have lived basically for yourselves, and the reason, your living in places of your picking


and for your economic comfort and pleasures now, is because you live in a place where you


can share your ideals and beliefs, with those of likeminded, the LUKEWARM, as yourselves.


In that Judgment Day, before God, there will be the Protestants to the front of the line


explaining to Jesus, the great works that they and their denomination had done,


how they used His Name, “Jesus,” in commanding the demons away.


The Protestants, and all of their denominations will be first, for they will all lack one thing,


as they stand before Christ, and that, which they lack is Christ’s “Daily Cross of Self Denial.”


The rest will follow, the Catholics with their ridicules ideals, that their man made traditions are equal with God, utter foolishness.


Messianic, so called Christians, Christ will say similar things to them.


The Messianic Christians that have deceived themselves by accepting another Gospel.


They’ll come loaded down before the Lord on Judgment Day, dragging their burdens of


legalistic rules and regulations, heaping full of condemnation and guilt, of the do’s and


don’ts, they are doomed under the curse of the Law.


The curse of the Law is to all that don’t obey the Law!


And the Law! and the Prophets! foretold of Christ! the Messiah! the Savior! of the word!


He, Christ! said to his followers at His last supper, that He has now brought a “New Covenant!”


A New Covenant! to the world! This is now, the New Covenant! the Gospel of Jesus! the


Christ! Christ the way of Salvation!


Today, 2010, the so-called Messianic Jews, are the modern Pharisees.


The Pharisee who rejected God’s plan through Christ, and by them, the Pharisees


by rejecting the words of the prophets about the Law, that foretold of the coming Christ as


the Messiah, have thus been Cursed.


Cursed as they continue to practices Judaism, with it’s Laws, feast days, holidays, as to be binding as Christian doctrine.


They are Cursed because they refuse to accept the words of Christ, and His New Covenant.


They that are in this cult, that follows their own leaders and therefore are cursed.


They that enter Heaven’s gates, will be those, that are the disciples of Christ,


Those, that go forth, daily in faith, teaching and making disciples.


These that are readily recognizable, for they are the true Christians,


The CROSS OF CHRIST, The Cross Of Self Denial, is their Banner,


The Banner Proclaiming the way of Salvation.


Who can be saved?  Christ answered, “ All things are possible with God.”

Norman Oetker Christian Missionary Reynosa Mexico February 2010

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Norman Oetker, “Those Going To Hell” PART ONE L.A.M. Christian Outreach Global Ministries, Thailand, Mexico, English Class’s







Again, I think what is real and accurate is that which I said last night in English class.


And that is, that the only real security is in accepting Jesus into your heart and mind, and then living a life, for Him "Jesus!"


Not accepting Jesus in your life in order to be safe from the criminals in Reynosa, but, in accepting Jesus into one’s heart… because?


All men are born in sin, all men are sinners, good moral men are sinners, and muy mal (very bad) men are sinners.


The Bible says that all men are sinners, separated from God.


And the only way to have a true relationship with God is to confess one’s sinful rebellion against God, that rebellion is not believing Jesus, and the Bible.


The reason you don’t accept is because of your sin filled spirit which violently opposes God.


That sin filled spirit is within the good moral people, it’s in all people, it’s called Original Sin.


Those that don’t believe that, that don’t believe the Bible, are doomed to hell.


Man needs to repent and follow Jesus.


Man needs to be "Born Again," how? by faith in Jesus by confessing one’s Original sin.


Sin is the rejecting of Jesus as one’s PERSONAL, Lord in their lives,


Sin is the trusting in one’s own abilities, education, or whatever.


God moral people are going to hell! why?


They reject Jesus how? By refusing to live for Him, Jesus!


Their lives are only about family and friends….man needs to be "Born Again!"


How? By asking God for forgiveness, then asking Jesus into one’s heart and life, and to therefore live a life, according to the Bible!


Peace, safety, and security comes to one when Jesus is the Lord of their life.


When problems come, Jesus is the security and peace! 


When sickness comes, Jesus is the security and peace!


When unemployment comes, Jesus is the security and peace!


When family problems come, Jesus is the security and peace!


When the criminal zetas, are whoever comes with their terror, death and destruction, Jesus is one’s security and peace!


How can one get, obtain this Peace?


One needs to be born again! how? by Grace.


Grace is when God is calling to you, the sinner, the unbeliever, in your very private life.


Within your secret mind and heart,


you will have, the inward awareness that, God’s Holy Spirit is drawing you,


to find out more about God and Jesus.


Not to join, are go to a religion or a church,


no…it’s for you to STOP in your life…STOP, and read the book of "John," in the New Covenant/Testament.   


For you to understand you, as a person are NOT! in a relationship with your Heavenly Father.


No matter what you made believe, even if you belong to a Protestant church.


If you belong to a Catholic, Hindu, Moslem, Buddhist religion, it makes no different.


No matter if you read the Christian Bible everyday.


Not even if, you are a Pastor, or a Woman Pastor, A Priest, or a church leader,


"you need to be born again!"


For all, that haven’t had this personal, born again experience, are lost!


and going to Hell!


Regardless of how good your present life is, or seems to be.


If your not born again, by the Holy Spirit of God,


You are lost! and your family and friends, if they haven’t been born again,

are also lost! and going to hell.


Going to hell are those, who haven’t accepted Jesus as their personal Lord and Savour.


Becoming a Christian is a personal, one on one, with God! 


You and God only!


No other, no walking to the front of the church and publicly saying you are a Christian


and a believer, nor taking classes to become a Christian.


Neither can you enter heaven if you are born and baptized into anything, Catholic, Buddhist, or whoever or whatever.


You, and only you, will have a conversation with God.


You will only have that conversation, when God’s Grace is drawing you to the Father!


Your Heaven Father, who will first draw you to the knowledge of Christ, and eternal


Salvation, through, and by His Grace! In another words, totally by God ALONE! 


Grace is God’s love and favor to all humanity.


Please… don’t go to a Protestant, Catholic, Hindu, Buddhist church, Temple.


Thinking, that you need to go an asked someone, this are that, about becoming a Christian!


You, that are being called now, in your life, by God’s Holy Spirit, know it!


You will either repent from your current rebellion to God,


What is your Rebellion?


Your refusal, to accept Christ, as your Lord and Savoir.


You think you are OK, you think, you are a good person.


To the Protestant, the lukewarm, you that have been involved in a church all or parts of your life.


You, the Protestants, that are deceived by you own lack of belief in the Bible,


whereas you hide, with countless millions of other lukewarm, so called Christians.


You, the Protestants, Pentecostals, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and all others, that say they are a Protestant,


that have accepted some Theologian’s views, as how to be a Christian.


You, that have listened to some Charismatic type leader on TV or Radio.


You the lukewarm, that know your Bible, and can quote it expressly to yourself and others.


You that attend your Protestant church’s weekly.


You that think you are in God’s favor and are saved, and are a Christian.


You that hand out cloths and food to the needed, to you, and to all.


You need to be born again, by you heavenly Father, throughis Holy Spirit His Holy Spirit.


Your once past Christian experience, that has fallen to the wayside.


Your own laziness, for Bible truths, about the things of God.


Have lead you to your place of complacency, along with the others that are lukewarm.


You are lukewarm, and your going to hell.


Why, because of your refusal to believe God! and His words! His words in the Christian Bible.


You, the Lukewarm, having faith only in your denomination, that tells you your saved.


Their interpretation of the Bible, your trust is in them, and their view of Bible truths.


You the Lukewarm, you, that trust in another, and their interpretation of the


Bible, you are not saved, you have fallen away, if, in fact, you were actually born again?


All have sinned!


By their continual unbelief, in the Christ! as revealed in the Bible.


The Bible teaches that one has to accept Christ, as their personal Lord and Savior.


It applies to children as well, those that have reached the understanding of right and wrong.


That have reached the place of understanding the gospel message of “Salvation.”


Salvation, though Christ, all that live in sin, are going to hell, there are no exception.


You, the religionist, you the Backslider, you the church goer!


You, that trust in your denomination, you! that trust in nothing.


You all are going to Hell? 


You, that refuse to turn your life around.


Why are you destined to Hell, it’s quite easy to understand why? 


You Protestants, you Catholics, you religionists, you, the lukewarm, you, the backslider,


You, that say you don’t believe in anything, you all, are going to hell! WHY?


Because you haven’t been born again! 

Norman Oetker, Bruce Good To Hear From You, Christian Outreach, Mexico, Thailand

February 2010 Reynosa Mexico Mission Home

Hi Bruce, I’ve thought of you often through the years, especially as a jet screams overhead. How I remembered that delivery-day, when you surrendered your heart to the Lord Jesus.

You Asked How Am I? It Made Me Pause To Think, How Am I?

The Bible, the Old Covenant/Testament and now, as Christ said at the last Supper, that He brings a “New Covenant/Testament.” As with the old typifying the new, the Bible stories are full, there’s nothing that’s left to the imagination, the Bible stories are graphically clear.

The Bible has it’s wonders and blessings for those that continue to have the New Covenant in their lives today, February 2010.  That “New Covenant” is only obtained by a total submission of one’s will to God’s plan for man, and that plan is man’s Redemption, by the Atoning work of Jesus, by the shedding of His Blood to God the Father, for our Redemption.

This God-man-Jesus’s sacrifice was only accomplished by the sacrifice of a sinless human being.

The Bible is quite clear that ALL have sinned, All, including Mary the Mother of Jesus, all have sinned, there are none from the past, neither the present, nor the future, there is only one who hasn’t sinned and that was “Jesus.”

God the Father of the Blessed Trinity enabled His plan of Salvation and Redemption to happen according to His time table.

Thus, today February 2010, one cannot become a Christian, one cannot go to a church altar and say he now wants to be a Christian, one cannot preach, be a leader, sing in choir, play music, give food to the poor, obey rules and regulations of the Old Covenant/Testament and think they are saved.

Religious, good moral people are not Christians, they are Religionists, similar to Hindus, Moslems, Catholics, Protestants, and Anglicans they are all grouped together as “Religionists.”

In God’s timing He sent forth the equally glorious Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, The Holy Spirit descending on Mary and thus, she brought forth a child of the Holy Spirit, “Jesus,” the Savior of the world.

Thus, now, as we understand the word Trinity, which isn’t in the Bible, we know after the fact, one can now read and see the words of the Bible indicating, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit all sharing of the same Substance, inseparable, being equal, with the Father as leader.

As we understood that word “Trinity;” thus, today we understand the concept of “Grace.”

God’s love towards His creation, God first call’s through to a person here on earth, by His Holy Spirit. This drawing of one, by God the Father, by the Holy Spirit is towards Christ, and the way of Salvation.

Man, then having a repentant heart, and the acceptance of Christ, as the Atonement of one’s sins, which enables him to become a Christian, and thus continuing thereafter, in the obedience to the writings and teachings of Christ, the Apostles, and Evangelists of the New Covenant/Testament.

There are no other writings, from any person, theologian, or profess’ prophet or leader, for all that introduce another book, or, their own Traditions as the rule of faith, for one’s life, is to misrepresent the writings of Christ and the Apostles, Evangelists, by therefore adding to the Bible, and are in fact introducing another way of Salvation, they are introducing teachings and doctrines that aren’t New Covenant/Testament thought. All, Protestant, Catholics and all other religions, that do the above, are a false religion, therefore, a false church.

The great majority of these false teachers stand under the umbrella of Protestantism, as well as all other false religious systems, including the Catholic church, all who reject the teaching’s of Christ, the Apostle’s and Evangelist’s are False, those who introduce other rules and regulations, as to one being able to complete their Salvation, are false. Those who try and introduce other traditions, as the rule of faith, are false.

Those that say to believe in Christ, and then lead a good moral life, saying that the Bible is only a good book, and that it’s more important to lead a good moral life. This is theology, embraced by many of the world, this is a False Theology, a False Belief System.

The Bible with it’s great and yet, severely tragic stories of those who have disobeyed God, this, the Bible with it’s beauty and grandeur, is also a book of warnings and commands, those that fail to yield in their lives to Christ, and those who do not obey the writings of Christ, those that refuse to accept the writings of the New Testament, those that have a willful act of disobedience, will in fact, gain their reward as the Bible with it’s warnings and commands makes clear to all within it’s New Covenant/Testament writings.

They will enter into eternal damnation, a lake of eternal fire, with them hearing and joining in to the screams of the disobedient, to join with them in it’s endless pain, of a burning infernal. A pain described by one of old, as being tormented with continual temptation’s thought, never to be fulfilled. Agony of unending torment, with it’s fire and brimstone.

You asked about my life, I’ll answer with this, I’m gravely concerned about my own family, and their Salvation, and to those that are all about me here in Mexico, as well as Thailand, and the world.

God’s love, that is continually rejected daily, by those that have cluttered their lives with so much, so much, that the clutter becomes their distraction, that blinds them to the soothing call of The Holy Spirit of God, to forgiveness of one’s sins. To love and peace, that awaits those, that say yes, to a glorious relationship with their Heavenly Creator.

God’s Grace is given to us all in abundance continually, continually allowing us to enter into an understanding of God, through Christ, and faith in His Redemption of us and mankind.

Christ’s, sacrificial death enables all, to say yes! to the drawing power of the Holy Spirit, to have forgiveness of our sins, of the guilt and shame that it is.

“Grace Oh Grace,

how sweet thou art,

issuing forth,

your glorious trumpet,

with it’s piercing call,

to the hall’s of one’s heart,

Oh Grace, Oh Grace, continually enter mine,

So, to be you… with all my mind. N. Oetker”        

Legal Mexicans L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary “The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO” Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

Illegal’s  Mexico MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.

February 2010 a revised post from October 2008, from my mirror site

The single biggest problem that I’ve noticed here in Mexico, is this need, to be like the people of the U.S.. Mexico is a third world country, it’s wealthy, within it’s own standard, and I can attest to that from living as a missionary in Asia and other poorer countries. Myself, living in these, other, much poorer countries than Mexico, myself I do not consider Mexico a poor country.

The Bible speaks about being content wherever one is at in life, being content of course, can only come through a personal relationship with Jesus in one’s life, that is the true beginning of contentment. There are the trials and testing’s, that will come in life’s journey, some are long in enduring, going to the very marrow of one’s existence. This purging of oneself, allows the “spring of life” to gush forth. The Holy Spirit flowing, through a repentant heart and life, with the Lordship of “Jesus the Christ.” Being the “Lord” in one’s life.   

A Good Life In Mexico For Mexican Nationals

The Mexican Dream Is A Fact, And A Way Of Life. 

The Illegally Entering People, that are passing through Mexico to the U.S., are they looking to work in the fields of the US in 2008?

The legally entering Mexicans are that legal, they will work the seasonal jobs, then return to Mexico.

The majorities of Mexicans, choose to live and remain in their country, a proud spirit of being Mexican, runs throughout the country.

Multitudes Remain In Mexico and live a very comfortable life, in the border regions, working in any of the two thousand eight hundred companies in the multi-national plants within their border areas.

There Are Millions in the northern Mexico areas along the Mexican U.S. border from California to Texas.

Trained And Cross Trained, then working within the various jobs applications, where semi skilled to skill professionals are utilized.

Production assembly of quality products, in one of the most highly technically advanced work centers globally.

The Quality, And High Standards that are required, for a continual market share by meeting the international community requirements, for quality goods and materials is essential, for long term growth and economic prosperity.

The Standards Required, within these industrial parks, located within Mexico, are under intense market driven pressures, competing in a world wide, work forces, with this global incentives, and that being, with all wanting, an ever greater Global share.

Mexico Has Demonstrated, and will continue to meet the global challenges, in their expanding worldwide exports sales.

Their Global Work Skills Proficiency levels have enabled them to be in high demand by the International Employers.

The Mexican Nationals, with schooling, and training, coupled with language learning skills, with English being a primary targeted language, are realizing through their hard work, and further commitments, the

"Mexican Dream" of a better life, for them, and their children, and being a voice of change within  Mexico’s Global Workforce Community.


N. Oetker… As One Reads Through The Pages Below, it will become evident, that those who venture to north Mexico, on their illegal way to the U.S. will have contact with million’s of middle class, successful Mexican citizens, who are succeeding in their quest, for a better life and life-style in "MEXICO." 

According To NAFTA’s report below there are 2,808 international factories in Mexico, it will become very clear that these are specialized jobs, and that the locals, have invested in themselves, by attending local government initiated technical schools to help them in attaining the work-skills necessary to compete in the global workplace, which requires the production of consistent quality parts.  

The question for discussion is not that there aren’t jobs in Mexico but, what is the real motivation for illegal immigration activity?

As with all things of Mexico, it will be the Mexicans that will need to step forward and address the truth’s of this issue also.    



In 1965 the Mexican Government Established the in-bond or maquiladora (INDUSTRIAL PARKS) program, a program that allows duty-free importation of raw materials, components and equipment needed for the assembly or manufacture of finished goods for subsequent export. The program originated from the need to industrialize northern Mexico and slowdown migration to the U.S. by creating jobs along the border.

There are 2,808 Maquiladora companies operating in Mexico with nearly 90% of them in the border zone. The maquiladora industry currently employs 1,181,284 people. In Ciudad (City) Juarez alone, the industry employs 231,000 people.


N. Oetker footnote this city Juarez, according to local news, currently is controlled mostly through fear and intimidation from drug cartels and corrupt officials. The newly elected administration in Mexico, has disarmed the local police in these border regions and have sent in the military…. the axiom holds true and that is, "if you want to find the problems, follow the money.”

NAFTA in Numbers

Since 1993, the year before NAFTA went into effect, the total volume of trade between the three NAFTA countries has expanded from $294 billion to $1.149 trillion in 2006.

Each Day NAFTA Members Conduct Nearly $2.1 billion in Trilateral Trade.

(Source: Secretaria de Economia, Banco de a, US Department of Commerce) MEXICO FOREIGN TRADE

Mexico’s Exports Have Grown exponentially since NAFTAs inception and the country has been consolidating as a major exporter to the US. During 2007, Mexico exported $194 billion, nearly equalling the all-time high from 2006 of $198 billion, and a big leap over 1993 levels, the year prior to NAFTA implementation, when it exported $39 billion.

In 2007, Mexico’s Trade surplus with the United States reached $67.7 billion US dollars, the highest surplus ever.

Sales from Mexico to the United States have increased $59.4 billion between 2002 and 2007. Immediate access to the US is a primary advantage for companies producing products that require tight logistical time frames to re-enter the US, heavy products that have high transportation costs and where quality is more important than price.



In 1965 the Mexican Government Established the in-bond or maquiladora program, a program that allows duty-free importation of raw materials, components and equipment needed for the assembly or manufacture of finished goods for subsequent export. The program originated from the need to industrialize northern Mexico and slowdown migration to the U.S. by creating jobs along the border.

There are 2,808 maquiladora companies operating in Mexico with nearly 90% of them in the border zone. The  maquiladora industry currently employs 1,181,284 people. In Ciudad Juarez alone, the industry employs 231,000 people.



Exports in the maquiladora industry reached $94 billion in 2005. The main exports of the maquiladora industry include machinery, electric appliances and materials, sound and image recording devices,TV sets, mechanic devices, optical instruments and devices, photography, precision control and medical instruments, vehicles, plastic manufactures, and garments and accessories.

According  to the Auto Industry Association (AMIA), Mexican auto production expanded 6.6% in 2005 to 1.6 million units, while exports rose 8.4% to 1.2 million units. It is important to point out that the automotive sector already accounts for more than 20% of total manufacturing output.

MEO L.A.M. Norman Oetker Missionary "The Light Amidst the Mong/MEO" Hmong Thailand, Reynosa Mexico, English Class, St. Charles Missouri US.


Norman Oetker Khun Sa, Shan Rebels, Kuomintang, Narcos, L.A.M. Christian Outreach


   Norman Oetker Missionary, Reynosa Mexico, February 2010,

"Golden Triangle," partly located in northern Thailand, even though I’m currently in Reynosa Mexico, the main ministry focus is to the Mong, of this entire region, including this Golden Triangle region, which dips into North West Thailand.

Included is, East Myanmar (Burma) technically, a border region, it’s my goal yet, to trek or maybe horseback, north along this border area of the Himalayans. Visiting, the small obscured mountain side villages of the Mong Njua, and their many clans located, in the extremes of South West China’s border region, including, and not limited too the: Meew, Karen, Chinese, Thaiyai’s and all others involved in this jungle mountaneus area,

Bringing, that simplest of all stories, of God’s love, for His created one’s. Salvation’s Beacon, to shine into the darkness, the light of Hope, Forgiveness, forgiveness from the Guilt of Sin’s Shame, that is in all, through man’s Original Sin, that was past down through all generations, to all the peoples of the world.

Even to those, that remain in the darkness, to those that haven’t had the opportunity, like so many of other places, that have the Bible now in February 2010, who have decided, to either believe in Christ or not, and His eternal plan, for their lives and their love one’s. It’s to those in those foreign obcure places where most aren’t willing to go, this is the Vision, the guiding Light of my destined soul to reach out too, to continue to stand before the Lord and be readily available, for when He opens the door of opportunity, as Isaiah said, thus, in each generation there has been those who have said, "yes" from every continnent, and it’s my conviction, to say, "Send me yet, again, Lord!"

As a Christian Missionary, I was able to trek into, and actually visit the places mentioned in the Asian Times piece included, excepting those deep within the Burmese territories.

Mr. Linter, has an excellent article and a good historical perspective, yet, it lacks a clearer picture of the actual opium growing, as recognized by each country involved. For the countries mentioned, it was completely legal, at one time. The culture, of these actual people involved isn’t one of criminality but, for the most part, they are unaware of the devasting affects, that it’s product has had on the global community. the growers are hidden from the outside world, for their lives, are birthed and in death remain unknown, to the flatlanders, to those that live in the plains below the mountains, when I was talking with them, their wish is to die and be re-born- in their endless death and rebirth cycles,- to be born as a flat lander, to have flat lands to grow their own flooded moonsonal wet lands rice, in order to have a abundant crop, enabling a richness in this life, which only is to prepare for their death, again in their beliefs, to propituate to the spirits, so that in death their spiritual travels will be uninterupted.

Again, I’m speaking of the small groups of family settlements high in the mountains, that live there and use this as a means of support, their desire is to have a good life in the mountains. The west has an incomplete ideal of opium and it’s history, how it was introduced in China, to the now billion dollar global business. Today, the golden triangle doesn’t supply the U.S, as it had in the past, now the conduit is Mexico, the source is South America.

I was in Khun Sa’s camp, and the Kuomintang’s camp, and the Shan rebels’ camp, there was only respect demonstrated toward me, at all three. As there is here, in the Narco prison in Reynosa Mexico, one of the most difficult in Mexico. The Christian message from the Bible, brings men to the awareness of God’s love for them, the cruelest, the most vile, forgiveness is to all.

"fleeting is life, pains of agony to intrap

o’ how to be loosed from it’s enwrap

forgiveness o’ forvgiveness, this is what I lack….N. Oetker"


Death of a drug lord

By Bertil Lintner

CHIANG MAI, Thailand – Khun Sa, 73, once known as the "Lord of the Golden Triangle", is dead. Throughout his career as one the world’s most prominent drug traffickers, he simultaneously had some very solid contacts – and protectors – in his native Myanmar and beyond.

The fact that he spent the last years of his life incommunicado inside a compound protected by Myanmar’s secret intelligence service gives some indication as to how important the country’s ruling junta considered it after his surrender in January 1996 to keep him isolated and quiet. And, despite his surrender, drugs are still flowing across Myanmar’s borders in all directions, which shows that the networks he once created and of which he was a part are still very much intact.

Khun Sa was probably one of the most colorful and controversial figures on the Myanmar drug scene. Despite being indicted on drug trafficking charges by a federal grand jury in Brooklyn, New York, in January 1990, he continued to live comfortably at his then headquarters at Homong near the Thai border opposite Mae Hong Son, where this writer met him on two occasions in the early 1990s. In fact, there was precious little evidence of the then supposed hunt for what the mainstream press often referred to as "the notorious warlord".

By no stretch of the imagination could Homong have been described as a "jungle hideout" – a common phrase used by the press in the 1980s and early 1990s. On the contrary, it was – and still is – a bustling town boasting well-stocked shops, spacious market places, a well laid-out grid of roads with street lights. More than 10,000 inhabitants lived in wooden and concrete houses amid fruit trees, manicured hedges and gardens adorned with bougainvillea and marigolds. Huge signs indicated where you could have your travel permits to Thailand across the border issued.

There were schools, a Buddhist monastery, a well-equipped hospital with an operating theater and X-ray machines – all maintained by qualified doctors from mainland China – video halls, karaoke bars, two hotels, a disco and even a small park complete with pathways, benches and a Chinese-style pavilion. Overseas calls could be placed from two commercially run telephone booths.

Local artifacts, historical paintings and photographs were on display in a "cultural museum", and a hydroelectric power station was being constructed, but never fully finished, to replace the diesel-powered generators then providing Homong with electricity. Other unusual construction projects included an 18-hole golf course intended for the many Thai, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Hong Kong, Malaysian, South Korean and Japanese businessmen who were then flocking to buy precious stones at Khun Sa’s gem center, also located in Homong. As a young man, Khun Sa was an avid golfer, and over the years he was known to have made several influential friends on golf greens.

At that time, he was supposed to be the most wanted man in the world, but, in reality, he was pursued by no one. He lived in a one-storey concrete building surrounded by a well-tended garden featuring orchids, Norfolk pines and strawberry fields. But his house was also ringed by bunkers housing 50-caliber, anti-aircraft machine-guns and swarms of heavily armed soldiers. "You never know," he once told me during an interview. "I have an army, so I’m free. Look at poor [Myanmar opposition leader] Aung San Suu Kyi. She’s got no army so she’s under house arrest."

Humble beginnings

Khun Sa was born in 1934 in a small village in northern Shan state of an ethnic Shan mother and a Chinese father. But he grew up as an orphan as his father died when he was only three. His mother remarried the local tax collector of the small town of Mong Tawm, but two years later she died as well.

While his three stepbrothers went to missionary schools and were given the Christian names Oscar, Billy and Morgan, the young Khun Sa was raised by his Chinese grandfather amid the poppy fields of Loi Maw mountain in northern Shan state. His only formal education consisted of a few years as a temple boy in a Buddhist monastery. During one of our interviews, I noticed that all his correspondence had to be read to him and that his replies were dictated.

Khun Sa gained his first military experience in skirmishes with the Kuomintang, or nationalist Chinese forces who had set up bases in Loi Maw in the early 1950s. Following Mao Zedong’s victory in China in 1949, thousands of Kuomintang soldiers came streaming south, and, supported by the surviving Republic of China government in Taiwan – and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – they tried in vain to "liberate" the mainland from their new sanctuaries in Myanmar, then known as Burma.

The Kuomintang invasion resulted in a reign of terror for the ordinary people who lived in the areas, as the nationalist Chinese collected taxes, forcibly enlisted recruits and encouraged poppy cultivation in the area to finance their "secret" army. At the age of 16, Khun Sa formed his own armed band to fight the intruders. In the early 1960s, his small private army was even recognized officially as the "Loi Maw Ka Kwe Ye", a home guard unit under the Myanmar army.

N. Oetker…Kuomintang, I first trek there with other Mongs and a Thai translator, at that time, no roads, electric, nothing, they were very generous towards me, allowing me to eat meat, which is always in short supply in the mountains. Others were silent as I and the small group ate, I would sit my little rice-cup-bowl down and immediately, the servant-soldier, who was standing to my rear side, would pick it up and fill it again with rice, as a sign of respect I would compliment the cook often, on excellent tasting mountain rice, which in fact is very delicious, again, those of the West would not have the opportunity to taste this high wet rice that’s grown there.  Complimenting is done in Thailand, yet, unbeknown to me, was that in the Chinese culture when you wanted to stop eating, you would leave your bowl about half full, finally, I thought I was going to explode, for every time I sat that bowl down, that little fella, promptly filled in brimming full. I’m sure they were wondering if I was going to eat all their rice, 🙂


"Ka Kwe Ye" (KKY), which literally means "defense" in the Myanmar language, was Yangon’s idea of a local militia to fight the Kuomintang as well as local, separatist Shan rebels. The plan was to rally as many local warlords as possible, mostly non-political brigands and private army commanders, behind the Myanmar army in exchange for the right to use all government-controlled roads and towns in Shan state for opium trafficking. By trading in opium, the Myanmar government hoped that the KKY militias would be self-supporting.

The warlords, who were supposed to fight the insurgents, strengthened their private armies and purchased with opium money military equipment available on the black market in Thailand and Laos. Some of them, Khun Sa included, were soon better equipped than the Myanmar milirtary itself.

Khun Sa, then 33, decided to challenge the supremacy of much more senior Kuomintang opium warlords. In May 1967, he set out from the hills of northern Shan state with a large contingent of soldiers and a massive 16-ton opium convoy, destined for Ban Khwan, a small Laotian lumber village across the Mekong River from Chiang Saen in Thailand. More traders joined his convoy, and by the time it reached the city of Kengtung in eastern Shan state, its single-file column of 500 men and 300 mules stretched along the ridge for more than a mile.

The convoy crossed the Mekong and the Kuomintang rushed to intercept it. Fierce fighting raged for several days, but the outcome of the battle is still somewhat obscure. At that time, General Ouane Rattikone, the commander-in-chief of the Royal Lao Army, ran several heroin refineries in the nearby Ban Houey


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Death of a drug lord

By Bertil Lintner

Sai area, and sent the Lao air force to bomb the battle site. Officially, he cheated both Khun Sa and the Kuomintang, and made off with the opium. Other sources told this correspondent that the opium had already been sold, and Khun Sa subsequently made his first significant investment in Thailand.

On attempting to contact the Shan rebels, perhaps to switch sides, in 1969 he was arrested and imprisoned in Mandalay. He

was charged with high treason for attempting to contact the rebels, not for drug trafficking, for which at the time he had informal government permission to engage in.

In April 1973, his men who had gone underground in the jungle kidnapped two Soviet doctors who were working at the hospital in the Shan state capital of Taunggyi. An entire division of Myanmar government troops was mobilized to rescue the doctors. The operation was unsuccessful and it was not until August 1974 that the foreign hostages were supposedly unconditionally released through Thailand. By strange coincidence, Khun Sa was released from prison shortly afterwards. It was later revealed that Thai northern army commander General Kriangsak Chomanan had helped to negotiate an exchange of prisoners.

Friends in high places

Khun Sa later slipped away to northern Thailand, where he established a new headquarters at Ban Hin Taek in Chiang Rai province.

His so-called "Shan United Army", SUA, was supposed to be fighting for Shan independence from Myanmar, but was, in reality, little more than a narco-army escorting opium convoys and protecting heroin refineries. In 1982, the Thai army decided to turn against him, and Khun Sa and the SUA were driven out of Ban Hin Taek. But they soon established a new base, this time inside Myanmar, at Homong, where new refineries were set up to process raw opium into heroin.

By then he was officially the most wanted man in the world, indicted by the United States and referred to by then-US ambassador to Thailand William Brown as "the worst enemy the world has". But, even so, the stream of high-powered visitors to his not-so-secret headquarters never ceased to amaze observers.

Among them was Lady Brockett, an American model turned British socialite, and her husband, Lord Brockett, who used to party with Britain’s Prince Charles. Khun Sa even presented the lady with a pair of ruby-studded shoes, which he had designed himself.

Despite all the anti-drug bravado from the US, Khun Sa also had influential American friends, including James "Bo" Gritz, a highly decorated Vietnam War hero who used to spend much of his time searching for American prisoners of war and those missing in action in Indochina. Gritz’s trips to Homong were allegedly financed by Texas oil tycoon Ross Perot, once a US presidential candidate.

Another American acquaintance was Shirley D Sac, a New York gem dealer and socialite who at one stage said she was going to sponsor a Shan human rights foundation. In Thailand, Khun Sa’s representatives enjoyed a close and cordial relationship with that country’s intelligence services, and, on the Myanmar side, his organization maintained an official trade office in Taunggyi.

The head of the eastern command of the Myanmar army at that time was General Maung Aye, now the second-highest ranking officer in the ruling junta. Not a single shot was fired between Khun Sa’s army and Myanmar government forces while Maung Aye was in command. Perhaps those high-level contacts inside the Myanmar army influenced his decision to give it all up in January 1996, when he surrendered and disbanded his private army. He moved to Yangon with four young Shan women, who served as his mistresses in his retirement.

In return, his three daughters and five sons were allowed to enter into business in Myanmar. His favorite son now runs a hotel with a casino near the border town of Tachilek, while one of his daughters is well established in business in Mandalay. Many ethnic Shan nationalists, who had joined his organization believing that he was a devout Shan patriot, were devastated by his decision to lay down arms.

Remnants of his 20,000-strong army refused to honor the agreement with the government and went underground as the newly formed Shan State Army (South). They are still fighting for their ideals in the hills around Homong, now a government-controlled town and still a bustling center for the local drug trade.

Khun Sa’s surrender and new deal with the Myanmar government was interpreted differently by one unexpected quarter. Barry Broman, the Yangon CIA station chief in the 1990s, said in an interview with the Asia Times newspaper edition on June 3, 1997, that "on their own, the Burmese [Myanmar] effected the capture of Khun Sa. They made a major dent in the drug trade and we gave them no credit."

In reality, Khun Sa was never "captured"; he gave himself up in exchange for a lucrative deal for himself and his family. And there was never any "dent" made in the narcotics trade he promoted. If Khun Sa’s surrender proved anything, it was that the networks that controlled the trade were able to survive even without their so-called "kingpins".

In the 1960s and early 1970s, Lo Hsing-han was the designated "king" of the Golden Triangle. Following his capture and arrest in 1973 – also for treason, not drug trafficking, which he likewise as a government-approved KKY commander was permitted to engage in, Khun Sa filled the gap and rose to drug dealing prominence.

Nowadays, it’s the United Wa State Army’s Wei Xuegang who controls the bulk of the illicit trade. The bottom line is that the drug trade could never flourish without those networks and official complicity in Myanmar, Thailand and elsewhere. Khun Sa may be gone, but that makes little difference. It is business as usual in the Golden Triangle, only with a new cast of characters.

Bertil Lintner is a former correspondent with the Far Eastern Economic Review. He is currently a writer with Asia-Pacific Media Services.

Reynosa Prison, Refugee Camp, Myanmar Burma, Thailand, English Class Norman Oetker Missionary L.A.M. Christian Outreach





 2000 Maehongson Thailand

The Karen refugee’s asked, missionary Norman, are you going to continue to come to the camp?

 This camp was in the Himalayan Mountains between Thailand and Myanmar (Burma.)

I said, as long as God continues to allow me to come I will. Thailand’s military controls this jungle area, which is home to three thousand five hundred Karen men, women, and children.

Their Bible school, there in the camp, was made of Bamboo, their homes made of the same, which they had built on the mountainsides, with a narrow river, winding through the valley floor.

For me, it was a four hour motorbike drive from the main road, through this winding pathless river valley, to finally come to it’s end, on the bike that is, then to trek the last hour, wading through this winding chest deep river, about six times. Then to walk into a military check point.

February, 2010 Reynosa Mexico Prison Parking Lot…I was walking with my friend to my car. This was the last day, of the Bible and English class’s here at the Reynosa Prison. The three months had went quickly. I had contacted all involved, for the past three weeks, wanting to get their opinions about the course, I had heard from all, except the Prison Director. I was to make my decisions in part with the information from all parties concern, the Director, the Educational Supervisor, other teachers, and the head of Security. For all had observed my comings and goings and where involved with hands on, participating in the class’s    

The men in the Prison where asking….

The Prison Inmates asked, missionary Norman, are you going to continue to come to the Prison?

I said, as long as God continues to allow me to come I will. The Prison is controlled by the Director, which is home to three thousand men and women inmates.

Two years, I have waited for the opportunity to do this very small part of ministry work, and I assure you, this is but one part of ministry work. There are two churches within the prison, one Catholic, the other Protestant, the Protestant’s leader is an inmate, it’s not the best arrangement, at least, for the correct Spiritual teaching of Salvation, and God’s Will for man, as revealed in the New Testament writings. 

The past riot had killed twenty or so inmates, so you can readily see, that when the gospel message is introduce, there is a calming, simply because, this is part of God’s plan! that all will hear the gospel message of Salvation by Grace. The eternal message from God to all, the message of Christ, the Cross, Repentance, and then Salvation, and thereafter, a life unto the Lordship of Jesus, the Christ! A life of obedience, to the writings of Christ, and the Apostles, and Evangelists. The going forth, in “Jesus Name,” with His Love, Compassion, Gentleness, and Kindness, for all, to all, even to those that are here, that are despised and rejected. And readers, I can assure you here, in Mexico, those in the prison are truly looked down upon. Sin, it’s evil darkness prevails, yet, what a glorious privilege, to bring again, the “Light,” the Glorious gospel light. “Jesus and the Way of Salvation.”

My friend said, let’s check this last and final time in the office to see if the Director was there, and he was, and then, he had us in a hour and half meeting, discussing various application of this class and it’s affect upon the inmates and the general prison population. He gave the green light to continue with much apologies’, for not getting in contact sooner.

I had been praying for three weeks, as to what direction the Lord would have me to go, when this class finished.   I’m telling this story towards one point, God is over all authority, and I have recognized that for some time. The prayer was for me to be at peace, at any, or lack of, any communication about direction, for I had put forth the correct understanding to all, about gathering information, to then make a decision, that morning and not the previous days, and not before the class’s where over …but, no as I was walking towards my car before my friend suggested to go see the Director, I was at a perfect peace, and then to my delight, seeing God’s hand came into play, as I listened to my friend Angel, and we went to the prison office.