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What is God’s Grace exactly?


2017 by Norman Oetker to INDIA!

Working on page & all LINKS..MARCH 2017


 Song title: “Jesus on the Mainline” by Willie Neil Johnson

Radio playlist order…The three first chapters of each book are read by Steven Johnston from the Protestant Christian Bible Old and New Testament, this Bible was first translated into English in 1500ad. After each chapter comments are added by Protestant Christian Missionary Selma Oetker. Protestant Christian Missionaries Norman & Selma Oetker are located in Saint Charles Missouri U.S. Norman and Selma have a combined 60 years of Christian experience to share with the Global community.

Chapter 1.  Mong Njua, and Hmong White Comparative Dictionary
by N. Oetker

Comparisons of the Hmong/Mong Dialectal Dictionaries by Lyman (Mong Green-blue), and Heimbach (Hmong White) comparing typography of Dr. Smalley’s work. Displayed are 614 Handwritten Pages by Protestant Christian Missionary Norman Oetker 

Chapter 2. Selma’s Pulpit

Individual articles by missionary Selma Oetker 2013.

Chapter 3. Brief Summaries of Protestant Old and New Testament writings.

Chapter 4. Why do today’s people avoid the Jesus conversion? 

Chapter 5. What is a Protestant Christian 

Recognizing the meaning of a “Protestant, Holy Spirit Born Again Christian by N. Oetker.

Chapter 6 Additional Hmong Works by N. Oetker

Un-published articles and works on the Mong-Hmong languages by missionary N. Oetker.

Hmong Mong Njua Language Music Sheet Guide.

Hmong Mong Njua Guitar Tonal Language Guide.

Chapter 7 Three Arm Man

A fictional story by missionary N. Oetker.

Chapter 8 Norman and Selma’s Photo Gallery

Photos varied from missionaries Norman and Selma Oetker.

Chapter 9 The Hmong are Spiritually Lost

A message to the current Hmong/Mong in the United States by missionary N. Oetker.

Chapter 10 The 12 Apostles of Jesus

Pictures from

Chapter 11 L.A.M. History

Former and present history in part, of the not-for-profit corporation L.A.M. (The Light Amidst the Mong) Christian Outreach.

Chapter 12 New Generation Hmong Mong

Opinions of drug smuggling by the Mong by missionary N. Oetker .

Chapter 13 Christians are Freed of Sin

The True Gospel Message by missionary N. Oetker.

Chapter 14 Commands of Jesus

List of New Testament Commands by Jesus, the Apostles, and Evangelists.

Chapter 15 Additional English/SpanishWorks by N. Oetker

English Spanish learning aids by missionary N. Oetker.

Chapter 16 Maps Religious

Religious Maps.

Chapter 17 Christmas 2013

Pictures Christmas 2013

Chapter 18 N. Oetker Family

Pictures Oetker family

Chapter 19  Sin, and it’s Enjoyment

Why humans enjoy sin?

Chapter 20 “Seducing Spirits”,”Espíritus engañadores”, “วิญญาณที่ล่อลวง”

How People are Deceived!

120 YouTube Videos by N. Oetker

120 various videos uploaded to YouTube

by missionary N. Oetker

Video 1 of 40 Commands of Jesus

With notes by missionary N. Oetker

Video 2 of 40 Commands of Jesus

With notes by missionary N. Oetker

Video 3 of 40 Commands of Jesus

With notes by missionary N. Oetker

Video 4 of 40 Commands of Jesus

With notes by missionary N. Oetker

Video 5 of 40 Commands of Jesus

With notes by missionary N. Oetker

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